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LVL UP Academy

Next Level Training For Your Exceptional Team

Ski Resort Trainers

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About LVL Up: Welcome


We are mountain resort industry leaders in risk management and operations serving resorts worldwide, with a combined 60+ years of experience in risk management, mountain operations, terrain parks, employee training, generally accepted industry practices and principles, business development and action sports. We serve on the National Ski Areas Association’s (NSAA) Risk Management Committee, the ASTM F-27.70 Freestyle Terrain Jump Feature Committee and the NSAA Freestyle Terrain Resources Working Group.

Our goal is to support the advancement and growth of mountain resort staff and management, as well as to enhance the business of mountain resorts. We do so by supporting the passion of all those involved (both work and play) in our mountain action sports community.

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LVL★UP Academy is a first-of-its-kind eLearning platform specific to mountain resort operations that  delivers the latest in key industry generally accepted practices, principles and concepts, as well as an evaluative component (testing) to assess comprehension and provide a benchmark of training that will document each employee’s successful completion of the course.

About LVL Up: About Me


•Online Interactive Education/Training

•Utilizing Subject Matter Experts and Industry Influencers

•Video Tutorials

•Quizzes and Tests


•Pre-Season New Employee Orientation

•Returning Employee Refresher

•Mid-Season Hires

•Late Season Hires


•Work or Home Desktop

•Work or Home Laptop

•PC or Mac

•Mobile Devices: Phones/Tablets

•iOS and Android Compatible


•Who and When Completed

•Time to Complete

•Test Scoring (must score 100%)

•Certificate of Course Completion 

About LVL Up: About Me


• Access to Training Content Anywhere, Anytime on Multiple Devices and Platforms

• Improved Opportunities for Professional Advancement/Growth

• Issued Certificate of Course Completion

• Proficient and Knowledgeable Staff

• Increased Employee Retention

• Ensures Consistency

• More Effective and Efficient Onboarding

• Ability to Effectively Track Training

• Latest, In-depth Training Content

• Improved Guest Experience


Library of Courses

*Current Courses

Terrain Park Operations:

•Park Ops 101: Fundamentals of Terrain Park Operations *

•Park Ops 201: Terrain Park Operations…A Deeper Dive

•Park Ops 202: Jump Feature Measurement Procedure *

•Park Ops 301: Jump Feature Design Considerations*

•Park Ops 302: Enhanced Teaching Terrain Operations

•Park Ops 401: The Business of Parks

Patrol Operations:

•Patrol Ops 101: Fundamentals of Patrol Operations 

•Patrol Ops 201: Patrol Operations…A Deeper Dive

•Incident Investigation 101: Fundamentals of Post-Incident Investigation – Winter Operations *

•Incident Investigation 102 – Fundamentals of Post-Investigation Investigation – Summer Operations *

Lift Operations:

•Lift Ops 101: Fundamentals of Lift Operations (Summer/Winter)*

•Lift Operations Aerial Evacuation 101: Fundamentals of Aerial Lift Evacuation Procedures and Equipment – Winter Ops*

•Lift Ops 201: Arial Evacuation 201: Unseated Passenger Response and Evacuation*

Mountain and Base Area Operations:

•Snowmaking Ops 101: Fundamentals of Snowmaking Operations

•Tubing Ops 101: Fundamentals of Tubing Operations

•Base Area Ops 101: Introduction to Snow Removal and Treatment Operations

•Parking Ops 101: Fundamentals Parking Operations


Vehicle Operations: 

•Snowmobile Ops 101: Fundamentals of Snowmobile Operations *

•ATV/UTV Ops 101: ATV/UTV Operations

•Park Ops 203: Working Around Heavy Equipment

•Summer Ops 102: Working Around Heavy Equipment


MTB and Summer Operations:

•MTB Ops 101: Fundamentals of Summer Mountain Biking Operations*

•MTB Ops 201 Mountain Bike Operations…A Deeper Dive

•Summer Ops 101: Summer Adventure Park Operations/Activities

MTB Ops 202: Jump Feature Measurement Procedures*

Occupational Safety and Health

•Mountain Employee Safety 101: Fundamentals of Safety and Compliance

•Mountain Employee Safety 201: Safety and Compliance…A Deeper Dive



LVL Up Academy MTB Ops 201 Jump Feature Measurement 201 

This LVL Up Academy course will focus on jump feature measurement in the resort environment. We will cover the components of a jump feature, the different types of features, the why behind jump measurement and then of course the how to. 

LVL Up Academy Patrol Ops 101 Fundamentals of Post-Incident Investigation 

In this LVL Up Academy course you will learn comprehensive knowledge for you to apply as a member of the Incident Investigation Team (IIT) at your mountain resort area when conducting post-incident investigations.

LVL Up Academy Fundamentals of Terrain Park Ops 101 

About LVL Up: About Me

In this LVL Up Academy course you will learn and acquire basic knowledge on being a terrain park employee and what your role is as a member of the Terrain Park Department. The why behind why we do what we do, as well as what the NSAA Freestyle Terrain Guidebook is. 

LVL Up Academy Terrain Park Ops Jump Feature Measurement 201 

This LVL Up Academy course will focus on jump feature measurement in the resort Winter environment. We will cover the components of a jump feature, the different types of features, the why behind jump measurement and then of course the how to in the case of a catastrophic injury. 

Click Below For Free Download To Supporting Course Tools For Jump Measurement Tracking

Subscription Pricing

Currently yearly courses are priced starting at $579 for 2022/23 Winter season 

About LVL Up: Skills



Mark St. J. Petrozzi

AlpenRisk Safety Advisors

“We know that consistently delivering the latest in-depth training content results in more effective and efficient onboarding of new employees, creates a more highly-educated work force, improves professional development opportunities for employees and ultimately reduces risk”


Michael L. Bettera

Effective Edge

“In developing the interactive training courses, we knew it was imperative that the sessions not simply consist of an often boring PowerPoint presentation uploaded to an e-Learning platform. To keep people engaged and help them develop a passion for our industry, they need to feel like they’re part of something bigger”

About LVL Up: About Me


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Thank You to Our Partner

Chill is a positive youth development program where boardsports become a vehicle for empowerment. Revolving around a core value-driven curriculum, Chill programs consist of experiential learning activities, reflection, and discussion, paired with boardsport lessons.

LVL Up Academy believes in fostering the youth to run our resorts in the future.  We donate our courses to the Chill Graduate program so the youth of today see the opportunity for growth in our resort industry.

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